Happy Mother’s Day 2024!

Two years ago, my mother passed away on Mother’s Day.

The anniversary of her death was May 8. It’s been a time of reflection and self-care; however, I enjoy life but miss my parents daily. We lost both of them in 20022, three months and nine days apart from each other. My mom passed away first, and my father died in August.

My parents would be happy with what my brother and I did. The gardens she loved still live on through me. I enjoy gardening, too. My flower garden now surpasses the one she had. Yesterday was a busy day outside doing yard work, and today, I’m taking it easy—resting up since I have a busy work week ahead.

I’m looking forward to a few packages arriving today: Chiagoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeable 5″ (13cm) knitting needles and the ChiaoGoo Twist Stainless Steel Interchangeable Set, 4-inch (10cm) Mini (mainly used for knitting delicate lace and sock needles). I’ve been a Hiya Hiya fan for many years; back then, I was looking at Hiya Hiya, ChiaGoo, and Signature knitting needles. I ultimately decided on Hiya Hiya based on a knitting blogger I followed; however, I’ve heard many good things about ChiaGoo and decided to try them. We’ll see which one I like the best. I wish all the mothers a wonderful day.


Edited to add…

I forgot to add that for Mother’s Day, my lovely daughter presented me with laminated flowers. She’d selected them from a few of my flower gardens and used the flower pressing kit she purchased a little while ago.