Crochet: Leviathan band bracelet; pattern testing

One of the two crochet pattern tests I’m doing is this lovely bracelet. 

Crochet Leviathan band bracelet pattern testing 2

I don’t have too much left before this crocheted leviathan band bracelet is complete.

 Let’s see…

A button needs to be added, and while I have hundreds of them neatly sorted in a box, my daughter has asked me to crochet a button. Sure, I can do that.

Also, I needed to crochet the lace. This will be done with embroidery floss. Since my daughter doesn’t like the floss I have, we’ll be heading to Michael’s so she can choose the type she wants. 

 My daughter and I’ll  will be heading to our Lutheran church, shortly. It’s our day to volunteer at their food closet. We’ll stop by Michael’s, to purchase the embroidery floss, once that’s completed.

This crocheted bracelet will be complete by today, at that time, I’ll post additional pictures, and send feedback to the pattern designer.

Update: This crocheted bracelet is complete!