Slow Dancing with the Moon; A new user name…

Besides the obvious switch from free service to paid, swapping Word Press themes yet again, I’ve made another change. Some of you might have noticed it, since I’ve had a chance to comment on a few blogs. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I created my WP website a few weeks ago.

Once the the virtual dust died down here at Celebrate Life I decided that there was one thing that needed to go, my user name Nyomomma. Writing Not your Ordinary Momma wasn’t in the cards when it comes to leaving a note on someone’s blog, which is why I shortened it to Nyomomma. Deciding on a name… well that’s always been challenging. What should I choose?


Moon Dancer

Photo Source: Garden of Graphics

No, I didn’t want to have vegan or vegetarian in my name. I’ve been there, done that. I’m Vegan but… I’m more than that yah know?

It took me a while, but I finally decided to use the name… Moondancer. It definitely fits me. I didn’t just come up with that name. It’s a name I’ve used for at least a year.

I’ve always been fascinated with the moon, read quite a few articles focused on the lunar cycle and its effects on humans and animals. Additionally, there are certain things I do depending on the lunar cycle but even though the fascination was there, I didn’t pick the name Moondancer until I started playing a little known MMORPG called World of Warcraft. Ok, so I’m joking about the little known part. Regarding MMORPG’s, WoW has the largest number of players. Moondancer was/is one of my Night Elf Druids in that game. I haven’t played with that character in months, (miss people like the lovely & talented Kaozz.)

I was slightly surprised when I found many with that user name. I guess I shouldn’t be. It’s very pretty. It’s kind of interesting knowing that others enjoy that name too. Moondancer has that earthy vibe that I like, and well… I do love gazing at the moon. I like dancing, and at times I dance while watching the moon. That’s normal, right? 😉

Isn’t the above picture beautiful? I usually dislike websites that have songs that automatically play when I visit their page, but I didn’t mind in this case. The music seemed to fit, yah know? I’ve always been fascinated with Native Americans and so it’s no surprise I’ve learned a lot about the culture and interacted with many over the years.

Perhaps part of my fascination is because my grandmother was Blackfoot Indian/African American/Irish. I never thought about her ethnicity when I was young. Although she did talk about her heritage, she was my grandmom. A very light could pass for white (if she wanted to and she did to get jobs back in the day) sweet little lady who had so much love for others. Yeah grandmom was doing the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ back in the day. They didn’t ask her race, and she didn’t tell. I can’t say I blame her, times were tough and she and her husband took the jobs they could to survive.

What a great role model she was, and I did my best to emulate her. You want to know something? She was even shorter than me! She was 4’10, small but powerful. I’m 5′. My grandmother was a Rosie Rivetor I simply adored her, and wanted to learn as much about her as possible. She lived a long full life and died a few weeks before she turned 94. Even if she weren’t Indian, I know I would have read up on their culture. Learning about different cultures has always fascinated me. My daughter’s father was an interesting mix of Lumbee Indian, German, and Irish.

Well whaddya know…
My Google search pulled up a song titled Slow Dancing with the Moon by Dolly Parton. I’ve heard many of Dolly’s songs, like most of them, but I’ve never heard this one. I’m really enjoying it. Thanks Dolly!

Dolly Parton: Slow Dancing with the Moon

Dolly Parton: Slow Dancing with the Moon

Sweet little cherry blossom, blooming before her time
Moving her lips to her favorite song, cherishing every rhyme
Swaying her hips to the rhythm, humming along with the tune
Lost in her own little dream world, slow dancing with the moon

Watching her I cannot help but go back in my mind
And suddenly I find I am 15 again
Slow dancing with the moon
Oh, the stars got in my eyes long time ago
And I’ve lived my life like a love sick clown
In a bittersweet cartoon
Just a dreamy-eyed kid slow dancing with the moon

Watching the girl I’m reminded she’s quite a lot like me
Trapped in the suburbs of wonderland, lost in her own fantasy
Somehow my heart never grew up, no one ever burst my balloon
So here I am swirling in star dust slow dancing with the moon

Still believe someday my wildest dreams will all come true
And I’ll find someone who’ll make me 15 again
But until then I’m slow dancing with the moon
Oh, the stars got in my eyes long time ago
And I’ve lived my life like a love sick clown
In a bittersweet cartoon
Just a dreamy-eyed kid slow dancing with the moon

Still a starry-eyed kid slow dancing with the moon

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