Donabe Cooking

For the past few weeks, I’ve been craving clay pot meals, and although I have a clay pot, I’m unsure where it could be. When my lovely daughter and I rearranged our entire home over months, it most likely got placed in a new location unless I accidentally gave it away.


Yokkaichi Banko-yaki Donabe Clay Pot – Elegant Autumn Leaf Earthenware Pot

It arrived this past Sunday. It’s a donabe handmade in Japan.

Since it arrived, I’ve already made two meals in my clay pot. I’ve always loved clay pot cooking.

Tagine-style Donabe Fukkura-san

I also have another donabe coming on Saturday. This type of donabe is mainly used for stir-frying and is handmade in Iga, Japan. I believe my first meal will be a Brussels sprout stir-fry.