What’s up in Maryland: Grilling and Maryland Republican Primary, 2012

April 3, 2012, has arrived and so has the Maryland Republican Primary, 2012. I’ve already voted. I’m not one to stick to one party, when it comes to voting since I know you can have liars regardless of what party you support, and so I tend to block out what the parties tell me, do my own research, and vote.

Although the polls opened at 7:00 am, I was only the fourth person there when my daughter and I arrived around 10:30 am.

Backyard grilling…

In Maryland, the temperature is supposed to reach 70 F, I’m thrilled. My work is almost finished, so my daughter and I’ll be hanging outside. She’s been itching to ride her bike, and so that’s most likely what happen, while I either skate, or sit on the sidelines working on my crocheted Easter eggs.


Grilled Bean Burgers: First batch of bean burgers


Above is a recycled picture. For a brief time (before I started Celebrate Life) I created a free site on WordPress; Not Your Ordinary Momma (hence the abbreviated name Nyomomma). I wanted to see whether I wanted another personal blog, before purchasing a domain name and adding it to my hosting provider.

Yes, I’ll be outside grilling today. Most likely while my daughter is riding her bike. The weather is warm, the chicken and veggie burgers are marinating, just waiting to be cooked. I’ll be grilling them, along with a few other items. I’ll try to post pictures, so I can share some here at Celebrate Life.