Video: Protective Daddy

Amazing the things you’ll find on the internet, right?

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this video and I couldn’t help but chuckle. I wasn’t laughing at the child’s distress but laughed at how the bird reacted after it got some of the same treatment it dealt to the child! The big scary human (I’m guessing the father) who disciplined that bird, was obviously not fine with the bird doing that to his child. And do you blame him? I may be vegan, but I’m not about to put an animal above humans. Yes, I’d have done something similar.

As a child my parents raised birds for eating; chickens, geese, ducks, guinea fowl… A few of those birds were quite territorial! I must say it was interesting to see that a few of the animals could be just as mean spirited as some people! Who would have thought that was possible, right? Listening to some folks, you think that all animals are angels. Yeah right! <sarcasm> With our birds, occasionally paybacks happened to the feathered bully, and I always got a chuckle out of that when something larger or stronger came along and shut down the birds aggressive behavior. Cowards! Those bully birds would always run away when another bird stepped up to the challenge. I think this particular bird is a rhea, and it looks like it got a dose of it’s own behavior. Sure, they’re could have been a logical reason that caused the bird to react the way it did, getting to close to its nest, babies, etc., but to be honest I’m not going to be thinking about that if my daughter is getting attacked. Momma bear mode will be in full effect, everyone (including animals) better watch out! 😉

In other news..

It’s been a bit busy and so I haven’t been online that much. Thursday one of my bank cards was compromised, and so I received a call from the issuing cards fraud department. Nothing was charged to my account, instead the charges were denied since according to the fraud department they didn’t appear to be transactions I’d made. I’m not sure how they determined that. I must say that I’m pleased since it would have been over $3500 worth of charges. I use identify theft protection, it’s an additional fee I pay monthly that attempts to block account fraud.

Thursday evening, my daughter got the stomach flu. She was very sick until Monday but the great news is she started feeling better yesterday. I still kept her home from school though. She’s looking forward to going back to school today.