Photography: Flowers; Pink Hyacinth

Flower Pink Hyacinth 1 03 23 12

Remember the flowers I posted yesterday? Well, they’re Hyacinths.

I thought that was what they were, but for some reason the purple flowers didn’t look like the ones I had last year? Hmm… ¬†However after reading Karen’s comment, and actually taking another trek outside and looking at these pink flowers, which are the same type but growing at a faster rate — I agree with her.

Many thanks Karen, and if you get a chance stop by her lovely hand sewn quilting website.

Monday mornings, I normally go to a quilting group (which is part of one of the many small group ministries offered at the Lutheran church where I’m a member).

I’m unable to attend today, early this morning, I received a last minute writing assignment from a friend. I most likely would have passed it off to one of my writing pals, if it were a complete stranger since I have so much to do today.