Work in Progress Wednesday; Slippers and cats

Crocheted Slippers 04 04 12

Yeah, my crocheted slipper project is almost complete, a few more tweaks and these will be given to my father.

These slippers were created from leftover yarn. I’m thinking about adding some ‘manly tassels’ to the slippers, before I give them to my father.

The crocheted slippers are easy enough for a beginner to make, and took about two hours to complete. Adding the tassels will only take a few moments.

I originally made a pair of crocheted slippers for my mother. My dad saw them, and requested a pair for himself. That was about a week ago. The result, they will now have matching crocheted slippers. Since her crocheted slippers were made with the same yarn… I’m not too fond of the color scheme (I was getting rid of leftover yarn, remember) my mom loves them. By the way, my mother wears hers daily.

Edited to add: I used a size P crochet hook, so that helped speed up the slipper creation. I used a size N hook, to create my mothers slippers; hers took about three hours. The crochet hooks I use are made by Boye.

Amineko yellow 1

Another Work in Progress is my Amigurumi Aminkeo project. The pattern can be found in the book Hello my name is Amineko: The Story of a Crafty Crochet Cat. My first dozen crocheted eggs were completed, and a crocheted bag I made for one of my daughter’s Monster High dolls; Clawdeen Wolf.

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