Team Peloton: Tread, Bike+, and Guide

It’s official; I’m joining the Peloton group. Last week, I purchased two pieces of equipment; a treadmill and a bike. Initially, I was going to buy the treadmill; however, after additional contemplating a few days later, I purchased the Bike+. They both come with a hefty price tag, The treadmill was a little over $4,000, and the bike ran over $3,000. The treadmill has been on my list for a few years, so I figured it was the time just to take the plunge and get something I would enjoy. There won’t be an issue with my workout equipment collecting dust because that does not happen in this household. I’m consistent with my workouts. Granted, while being my parents’ caregiver, I could not exercise with the intensity that I’m used to; however, I never stopped working out. Now, I’ll be able to commit to the same level of workout intensity that I was used to before my parents became ill.

Why Peloton?

The classes! I reviewed them before finally making the purchase, and I’d also watched numerous Youtube videos about Peloton, most likely in the 100s. Yes, I’m serious. I was sold. That answer would be surprising to those who know me since I never took a gym class throughout my 25+ years of having a gym membership. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always been a fan of classes; however, I did not want to be in a class with many other people. However, I’m sold since I can join a class from home! Furthermore, since I’d already reviewed the classes before making the purchases, I’d gravitated towards a few of the instructors and knew the class style that would appeal to me.

Gym Room: Work in Progress

My daughter and I are converting one of the rooms in our home to a gym/meditation room. Exercising entirely from home is not that much of a transition; two years ago, I let my 25+ year membership lapse. Like others, I had no choice because of the shutdown. However, unlike some, I was already working out at home since I have free weights and purchased an exercise bike during the pandemic. However, the last few years of my gym membership were mainly because of the sauna and the cardio equipment. Well, the cardio is now covered entirely, and I will have a sauna installed in our home at the end of this year or early next year. So there’s no reason for me to keep up the gym membership. Being in the gym was a means to continue to get the types of workouts that I enjoy; seeing others was not a source of motivation since I motivated myself.



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So many people don’t do any sort of exercise at all!

We bought a NordicTrack treadmill in June 2020 after our gym closed. We both used it virtually every day, averaging around 10,000 steps when averaged with our other activities.