Teeny tiny knits

The past few days I’ve been working on tiny knits. During my down time, I’ve been so busy hanging with my daughter — and squeezing in knitting. That I’ve completely forgotten to take pictures, I must change that.

Of course my daughter has reaped the benefits since the completed items were gifted to her dolls. It’s all part of using magic loop to it’s fullest. I’ve been good, and haven’t touched my DPN’s at all — although I’ve looked at them longingly. Since I have the simple knitted doll items nailed down, I think it’s high time that I add something more challenging to the mix, and so I’m looking at sweaters and knitted jackets/skirt combinations, all in miniature of course.

Naturally, this means I’ll need to purchase smaller knitting needles. I believe my smallest knitting needle size is either 0 (2.0mm) or 1 (2.5mm), but I’ve seen them go down to 000 (1.5mm.) Naturally Althea Crome came to mind, since she’s the miniature queen — in the knitting world.


I already posted the above video before, when I wrote about crocheting my first ‘Coraline doll‘ but I had to post it once more. The detail in her miniature outfits are amazing.

You want to know something? I find it much easier to make miniature knitted items than crochet. Perhaps its because I’ve knitted longer. I’ll be sure to post photos of some of my knitted creations within the next few days.

Which reminds me… I need to purchase appropriate purchase lace weight yarn for these upcoming projects. My birthday is right around the corner, and my gift to myself is another set of circular needles, yarn, card stock, and stamps. I might purchase some more fabric too.

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The smaller the crafting/project the more it amazes me! Can’t wait to see more!!!

Also…got your note on the NuNaturals – glad you got them ok! Looking forward to your posts!

Just posted a new UN-Cheese #2 – if you will…lol…
I will prob post a few more things on that blog, today, too! PLUS…I have two new projects coming soon to my Craft Blog!!!!
Jennifer recently posted..EZ Un-Cheese Sauce #2


My hubby was off from work last week and we did some day trips. One place we went was a gift shop that we always drove by on our way to NH so this time we stopped in and it was filled with dollhouses and miniatures. So many tiny little things with such amazing detail! I fell in love with the tiny braided rugs and carpets. They also had some tiny knitted things that I wanted to take photos of but the owners chatted with us the whole time we were there so it might have been rude or seen as an attempt to thwart their security system so I didn’t even ask if I could. You would have enjoyed it there though!
teeni recently posted..Yarndango Finished Project VII