That will be $750 and COVID update

Last month, while driving my car, I noticed that the air conditioner wasn’t working. It was in the ’70s, and I was headed home from work and would be on the road for at least 30 minutes, so the warmth was noticeable but tolerable. It’s not warm today. It’s about 50 F!  While I was hoping the issue was that my Toyota Prius needed freon gas, I was convinced it was the compressor after checking online. It turns out I was right. When I popped into the auto-mechanic shop on Wednesday, Pete (owner) called one of their suppliers to get a quote on the compressor. After he got off the phone, he looked at me and said, “You’re not going to like what I have to tell you!” I laughed and said, “I already knew it was going to pricey because of the look on your face.” My cost would be $750.

Although I wasn’t thrilled with the price, my local mechanic does excellent work, and his prices are always lower than anyone else in the area. Also, his turnaround time is fast. You usually have your vehicle the next day. My father uses them also, and Pete (owner) and many of the mechanics know him well. I dropped my car off last evening and picked it up about an hour ago. No complaints about the price/cost. I’m blessed that I have the money to fix the issue.

I’m still driving my 2003 Prius, and since I purchased it about four years ago, this has been my first high-cost fix. The front door’s power lock worked erratically shortly after purchasing the car, and the driver’s side completely stopped working a few years ago. Initially, I’d planned to purchase the actuator motor and fix it myself; however, I believe I’ll have my mechanic do that for me.


The second round of COVID shot went well.

My father’s second round of his COVID vaccinations went well. This past Sunday, I took him to Johns Hopkins for his second dose. I had my daughter accompany us. I dropped them right off at the entrance and parked my car at the garage that was right by the hospital. What’s great is, thus far, he has not had any side effects. On the day of his shots, my daughter and I stayed close if he did react. My mom was working that day, so that meant he would have been home alone. Since I’d read that some people do have side effects, it made sense for my daughter and me to spend the day with him to ensure that he was fine. Dad was a bit stubborn and told me repeatedly that he was fine; however, he did appreciate the concern and thanked me later that day. I had excellent role models. My parents did the same thing for my father’s parents when they were alive. My mother’s parents have been dead for several years. Since I’d already taken off the following day, the activities we’d planned to do Sunday, we postponed them until Monday. This past Monday, we went back to HMart and finally had a chance to see some Cherry Blossoms!

In other news…

I’ve been doing a lot of meal prep. I’ll have to post pictures of what I’ve been making. Later today, I do believe I’ll do some sewing and knitting, and tomorrow, we’ll be going to a local park that’s close to an airport so we can watch planes take off. We haven’t been to that park since my daughter was four years old.



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