The Keeper; say goodbye to disposable tampons for good

The KeeperSeveral years ago, I started looking for alternatives to disposable tampons.

I really got tired of purchasing them, and wanted a reusable “menstrual alternative” to tampons. If you think about it, over time menstruating women can spend a lot of money on a product that’s used on a monthly basis.

If you check out The Keeper’s website, you can see how much a woman would most likely spend purchasing tampons over a ten year period. Uhm, no thanks!  I was also, looking for ways to reduce the amount of disposable items I leave in our environment. After a bit of online research, I stumbled upon The Keeper.

The Keeper_illust3


The Keeper does not function exactly like a tampon. It does not absorb menstrual fluid. Instead it gathers the fluid in the Keeper. The Keeper is made out of natural latex rubber and holds one ounce of menstrual fluid. Most women produce about two – four ounces of menstrual fluid during their menstrual cycle. I usually dump out the contents after three hours, wash out the Keeper, and reinsert again. Of course, I wash my hands during the process. I must say that I was fascinated, when I first learned about them but I wondered how easy it would be?

After I got over the fact that I had a reusable menstrual collection device and the slight ick factor, I was completely sold on The Keeper. It sure makes my life much easier, since I don’t have to make sure I have enough disposable tampons available. To clean The Keeper, I soak it in it’s own little jar with witch hazel or vinegar. When not in use, I keep The Keeper stored in a cute little bag hand sewn bag that I made.

I  will say after ten years of use, I have no desire to ever go back to disposable products. My only regret, is not making the switch sooner.


The Keeper, Inc.: Usage and Care

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