Time for an upgrade: Dupray Neat Steam cleaner

Several months ago, my Hoover twin tank steam mop stopped working and now I’m down to my handheld Steamfast handheld steamer. Five years later, and that steamer is still doing a great job cleaning. Since my Hoover mop wasn’t as fortunate I’ve been searching for its replacement. It’s taken months. I wasn’t in a rush and I always research thoroughly before making a purchase. For me, it makes sense and I have zero regrets since my purchases aren’t impulsive. This time around, I decided to purchase a steam cleaning system that not only cleaned floors but also ceilings and walls. Because of the design of my Hoover (mop head), this wasn’t an option.

Dupray Neat steam cleaner


After extensive research, Initially, I was going to purchase the McCulloh 1385, however, in one of the comments about that model the reviewer mentioned the Dupray Neat steamer. He had both and ranked the Dupray over the McCulloh. Of course, that additional research, and after my digging, I did choose the Dupray Neat. Dupray makes commercial steamers, but earlier this year, they created a steamer for home use. The parent company also make Daimer steam cleaners. While doing the additional research on Dupray steamers there were several reviews that I dismissed.  Why? The people reviewing them were given steamers by Dupray and part of me wondered if the users were given a glowing review because the product was free? Sure, I know that you can give an honest review of an item that was given to you, however, in the reviews I saw not one of them had mentioned anything that they’d change about the product? One or two reviewers having nothing but glowing things to say, ok… I can understand that, but over 15 reviews that I read, none provided constructive feedback? Well… I found that a bit odd. I made a similar observation when I was reviewing the Hoover twin tank machine. Because of that, I ignored those type of reviews and searched for reviews from people that had actually purchased the items themselves. I must say that I was impressed with what they had to say. There were a few cons (not many) however, overall, this cleaning system appears to be exactly what I want. I’m impressed with their customer service, their warranty (three years on the unit and a lifetime warranty on the boiler). I’ve also read some nice things about the company. They supposedly donate some of their units to various animal organizations and for every unit purchased, they’ll plant a tree. I haven’t verified those two statements, but I will do a bit more research to see what I can learn.

I ordered the steamer on Sunday and based on my tracking information, it should arrive tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to receiving the item and am purposely waiting until tomorrow clean a few items.

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