Undoing Snapdo

Spyhunter 4The past few months, I’ve seen a search engine take over my desktop computer. Snapdo, despite what I did, seemed to resurface.

Earlier today, I installed SpyHunter 4 and that seems to have removed that and other instances of Malware that had been lurking on my desktop computer. I rarely use the desktop, but my daughter does. It’s time I put a tighter lock on my desktop security. She mainly uses the computer to search for lessons on sketching/drawing; however, I imagine during her searches, she’s picked up some seemingly harmless programs that downloaded in the background, while she was during her online searches.

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I use Avast antivirus and suddenly that day, the icon for a new bowser appeared on my desktop – Avast SafeZone. I tried and I quite like it so I am keeping it for the time being. Before this, I was using Google Chrome.
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I’m with you on that! I have tried Chrome time and time again and just keep going back to Firefox!
Jennifer recently posted..Spring Leftovers & Napping Furkids


Oh no!!! I hate it when that happens πŸ™‚
Jennifer recently posted..Spring Leftovers & Napping Furkids