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Precor EFX 5.31 Premium Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer.jpgYou would think as much as I work out, I would include some of my fitness routines here, sadly I haven’t been doing that. Yep, I’ve totally dropped the ball in this area, however that’s about to change.

In the future, I’ll post some of my fitness routines. My workouts are fairly intense, which is how I like them. I have a lot of energy, so it’s nice to burn through some of that doing my conventional (and unconventional workout.)

I’m a member of Bally’s Total Fitness; the cross trainer pictured above is one of the types used in their gym. It’s a Precor EFX 5.31 Premium Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer. If you want to purchase it, you most likely will be spending over $3,000 for a new model. Early this morning you could find me in the gym sweating it out on a cross trainer. It was an intense workout, but I felt great as I pounded my feet, moved my hands, and rocked out with my Ipod on the Cross trainer. When it comes to cardio equipment, I believe this has to be one of my favorites? I set it at the highest incline possible, which in my case is ten, and ran the entire time. I normally run between 10 – 45 minutes. It’s a great all body workout. Running forwards or backwards, it doesn’t matter; I still run at the same speed. My hands move along with me as I run, sometimes I use light weights while I’m on the trainer.

I had limited gym time today, and so I didn’t run as long as I normally do. I like to end my workouts by sitting in the sauna, and so I worked my way to the sauna after swapping out of my workout shoes. slipped on some flip flops and headed to the dry sauna. I normally stay in the sauna for about an hour, but that didn’t happen today since I was on limited time. I think I stayed in there for about thirty minutes? I keep myself hydrated, and I also do sauna rounds. I’ll write more on sauna rounds, the benefits of utilizing the sauna in a later post.

Gym talk: Chatting about health & nutrition

Occasionally I’ll receive comments while in the gym about my workout routine, I’m more than happy to take a few moments and chat with people about what I do, and in some cases assist them with various exercises. Sometimes people are afraid to ask for help, which I think is sad. It’s important to remember at some point we’ve all started at the beginning. I tend to wear a lot of vegan name shirts while I’m at the gym. Yes, it’s a conversation starter. Naturally one of the questions I get, is where do I get my protein? I have a muscular build (think of the fitness/figure competitors) so I’m obviously getting my protein from somewhere, and it surely isn’t from animal products or supplements.

One comment I do hear often, “You’re in great shape, You can eat anything you want!” I smile and say thanks and say, “Sure, I could… but knowing the impact that certain food choices have on our bodies, I choose not too!” That usually leads to discussions about food and I chat briefly about the impact it can have upon your health. It’s all (food/health) connected, respect your body by filling it with delicious and nourishing foods. I’m not one to preach veganism, at times I do think you can have a huge impact simply leading by example.

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Janet McDonald

You are so disoplined. Were you always like that? Most people arent! How do you do it? I wish I was like that….


@Janet McDonald – In some areas I’ve always been like that, but there are some aspects of my life that I do work on more. I’m constantly setting goals for myself, I keep a mental image of what I want to achieve, and refer to it daily. The mind is extremely powerful, there are so many things that we all can do, at times we might need a virtual kick or positive motivation/assistance from others to achieve them.

You can be like that too, think of an area you want to enhance, set realistic goals and remember you need to take baby steps before giant steps