Vegetable stir fry, cleaning and decluttering

A few weeks ago, I made another vegetable stir fry.

They are a staple in our household. They’re quick, delicious and nutritious. I typically make enough for at least two to three meals. What isn’t eaten is put into a glass storage container and moved to our storage freezer.

Besides cooking, is something that is done several times a week in our home, I’ve been doing a lot of decluttering. I don’t purchase a lot of items, in fact, several years have gone by without me purchasing any clothing, however, I (at times) can hold onto items. I’m 48 years old. When I started decluttering my bedroom, I gave away the clothing that I had had since college. I tend to choose classic pieces so I’d still wear those items today, and sometimes I do since I can still fit them. I must say that after cleaning my bedroom, I’m really enjoying the area much more and the clothing I had was donated.

My Dupray Neat steamer and my Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner are still items that I use often. The vacuum is used daily. We have two dogs, daily maintenance is a must to keep our home looking clean. Also, the vacuum does an excellent job of cleaning up any dust or pet hairs that might settle on the floors (we have hard surfaces) or furniture. It actually doesn’t take too long to vacuum, perhaps ten minutes or less. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve found doing chores daily keeps the amount of cleaning I do to a minimum. I clean between 20 – 30 minutes daily. One of the first things I do in the morning is to make my bed. I’ve found that this just adds another layer of peace to my busy days.


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