Vegetarian & Vegan: Craving lentil tacos

A few moments ago, I texted the BF and told him that I was craving lentil tacos.


Lentil tacos
Recycled photo – Lentil Tacos; vegetarian and vegan

If you remember, I’ve made vegetarian and vegan lentil tacos for him in May of this year.  It was his first time having them and even though he’s not vegan or remotely vegetarian, he loved them.

The BF has made dinner for my daughter today. He made meatloaf and some other dish. He made it last night. Late this afternoon, we’ll be heading over to his place, although I’ll forgo the meatloaf, I will make a nice complimentary dish of stir fry vegetables. All the produce will be from my garden. I’ll be sure to post pictures.

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Lentil Tacos! I still have to try and make some lentil based tacos! Not sure when I will be doing that – we haven’t been eating at home much for a change…we have been on the go so much! BUT I am totally thankful that one of the places we’ve been going lately has an AWESOME Salad Bar YAY!
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My girl loves tacos. Can get them here but they’re mighty expensive. We’d just have to opt for something else instead. 🙁
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