Vego Raised Garden Beds

My vego-raised garden beds are slowly starting to fill with vegetables and herbs.

Vego Raised Garden Bed: Red Beauty Bell Pepper

In the raised garden bed above, I have Red Beauty bell peppers.

Vego Raised Garden Bed: Cabbage and Collards

And this bed is a mix of cabbage and collard plants.


2023 marks the first year I’ve used raised garden beds and the first time I’ve used Vego raised garden beds. The brand was recommended to me by a friend. My daughter set up the beds without any issues. The metal is sturdy, and I haven’t had any problems filling them.

I’ve been filling my garden beds with shredded cardboard and soil. The shredded cardboard comes from the boxes I receive from various orders, mainly from Amazon. I have a heavy duty shredder that blasts through any cardboard I shove down its throat. I’ve been bagging and setting aside my shredded cardboard in the shed, waiting until I could use them in gardening.

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