Voodoo you love…

I love my daughter. We spend a lot of time together. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we’ve been hanging out for over ten years (I’m counting pregnancy time.) But it’s true..

My daughter’s tenth birthday is next week. It’s going to be a small affair celebrated at home. I’ve gotten most of the things for her but yesterday I decided to knit a few additional items. I finally got around to knitting her a pair of slippers. I posted about my first Hopsalot knitted slippers in December 2012.

And while I’d like to say I’ve knitted tons of those knitted slippers since that time, I’ll be honest and say that hasn’t happened. I love the pattern though and will use it whenever I feel the urge to knit some quick slippers. This time around I modified the pattern (OK, I did that that the first time too) and added an extra “cushiony” knitted sole. I’ve felted (aka fullcloth)  the knitted slippers once and will have to felt them a few more times before they shrink to her size. But this just means that the finished product will be super soft knitted slippers. Which will be perfect for her to slip on her feet when the weather is cool! We have hardwood floors and slate tile throughout the house. Which works perfectly with my Hoover twin tank steam mop.

Knitted Voodoo doll; Susan Claudino design
Knitted Voodoo doll; Susan Claudino design


Also I’m knitting the above voodoo doll. Isn’t it precious?  The above picture is not something I’ve knitted. That picture is one of  Susan Claudino’s. She’s also the awesome designer of this pattern. Oh by the way, her user name on Ravelry is  NoKnitSherlock. I discovered this via Ravelry. I tell you, lots of  enablers there! Anyway this knitted voodoo pattern made me think of the embroidered zombie doll and zombie bunny I made for my daughter. Since she loves those shirt so much I figured she might like a doll too.

Minecraft: Enderman


I’m also thinking about sewing my daughter something from Minecraft. Perhaps an Enderman? She loves that game but I’ve never played it, although I’ll occasionally look over her shoulder to see what she’s doing. It looks easy enough to make, doesn’t it? If all else fails, I can always do an online search and see what I find.  Next week is just around the corner! Once the items are finished, I’ll be sure to post pictures.

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So cute, those dolls! Bet your girl is looking forward to her birthday – Happy Birthday to her in advance. Can’t wait to see your post on what you have in store for her. Mum’s the best…always!
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