Website update: Enabling SSL

A few years ago, I activated SSL on my websites. And although it was “enabled” within the admin panel under my hosting provider’s account. It wasn’t until a few hours ago that it became active on my website. I really haven’t been active on my websites in a few years, although I do believe that will hopefully change soon. I downloaded the WordPress addon ReallySimple SSL, created a WordPress backup, watched a video posted on my hosting website, and enabled the addon and so HTTPS is now active on this website. Really Simple? Why yes… the WP Plugin is easy! And now this site is showing up as “secure”. Still, HTTPS doesn’t protect your website from the many ways it can be compromised, however, from my readings Google views sites that have HTTPS enabled as more trustworthy, and apparently, the website can load faster? Well… ok

I do have a few other websites that I need to take care of. However, I will have to follow up with my hosting provider. According to their site, it appears that all my sites hosted under my package should be covered; however, when I log onto my admin panel at my hosting provider’s website, it states that my crafting SSL is “pending” I swapped over to SSL on my hosting provider’s website a few years ago.


Something’s not quite right.

A few hours after enabling SSL, I noticed my images were no longer appearing; however, when you open a post, screenshots for related posts appear. I’ll have to do a bit more research and perhaps follow up with my hosting provider to resolve this issue.

I completely forgot today was Valentine’s Day. Although I never celebrated the holiday, to those who do, I’m hoping you have a wonderful day!

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