Weekend Adventures: One busy weekend

Well… I didn’t get ANY sewing completed this weekend and another weekend goes by without me working on my capsule. But there is a valid reason. I was canning most of Saturday!

Pears were picked off our pear tree and turned into delicious fruit butters that are so full of yum! I will post pictures of that process within the next few days.

Saturday, I checked on our honeybees and they are doing well. I’m thinking about adding a few more boxes on top of the hive, that way it’ll make it easier for me to feed them, if we have a long winter.

Sunday, my daughter had her last swimming lessons. Because of the time, we had to miss church. D, my daughters swim teacher is a college student and Sundays are her only free days. My daughter made her swim teacher, D,  a lovely card since it was her last swim class of the season and she made a lovely card for her swim teacher, D. D really loved the card and told me daughter that was the first time one of her students did that for her.

Today, I peeped in on my kraut, and it’s really starting to smell like kraut. I can’t wait to dig into it within a few months.

I do wish I could start sewing today after work, but I don’t think that’s happening. I have to purchase and deliver food to the local Homeless Shelter. Preparing food for the guests, is a ministry that our Lutheran church (along with other churches) provide for the local shelter.

So… while I didn’t get to work on sewing for me, I did get a lot accomplished this past weekend and of course it flew by. I do have plans to sew during the week and I’m looking forward to that.

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WOW! Busy Weekend FOR SURE!!!! I usually LOVE being busy but then it’s followed by some non-busy time which is something I have coming up soon! More on my blog about that 🙂

So cute your daughter made a card for her! SO Sweet and thoughtful!
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