Weekends upon us – hanging with my favorite person

JAV Graduation Night

Is it lame that my daughter is the best person I’d like to hang out with? I don’t think so. I really enjoy her company.

My daughter is eight years old, and I love the fact that she still enjoys hanging with mom. We spend a lot of time together — always have. When she was younger, it was a lot harder but I still made it work, even though I work from home.

It looks as if it’ll be warm in Maryland, and so we’ve planned an insect hunt on our property. I’ll be sure to take pictures with my Nikon. I’m sure she’ll beg me to use my camera. She’s been snapping pictures since she was three. A few of those bug shots might make their way onto this blog.

In other news, the little miss has a piano piece she has to ‘perfect’. Her piano teacher requested she create her own song. She  completed that yesterday. Being the ‘noob card maker’ (yeah I’m using leet speak) that I am, I decided to turn her masterpiece into an album. Forget the noob bit, even if I’d been making cards for years — I’d see this as an opportunity to create another project. That’s how I roll.

The above photo was taken on my daughter’s kindergarten graduation. That was a few years ago. People that have known me for years, say she looks a lot like myself, especially when I was that age.The dress was something I created for her. She loved that dress, and held onto it long after she outgrew the ability to wear the item.

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OMG she’s beautiful as always! Can’t wait to see the pics from this weekend! I was just thinking on my way home from work today that I need to take my camera with me no matter what we decide to do tomorrow for the changing of the leaves 🙂
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Wow! She’s growing up fast.
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