Welcoming a new member to the family

In August, we’ll be welcoming a new member to the family; a black german shepherd.

Typically, I’ve gotten rescues; however, this shepherd will be coming from a reputable breeder. I’ve been in contact with him, talked to him twice on the phone, and exchanged several texts with him. I already placed the deposit for the shepherd puppy, and that gave me access to one of his training courses.

The type of shepherd I’m getting is a working line german shepherd. I’ll be feeding them a raw diet. I’ve provided many of my pets with this in the past, and it has been the best choice I’ve made for them. While I know that German Shepherds can be prone to hip dysplasia, I also know numerous things can be done that significantly reduce this issue. So why choose a german shepherd? I’m looking for a dog whose energy level matches mine, and after a lot of research, I felt that the shepherd fit me perfectly. They’re intelligent and trainable, and they have a lot of energy. I’m looking forward to having a fur companion join me on bike rides and runs. One thing that I’ll HAVE to get used to is shedding. We’ve had non-shed dogs; however, I’ll be sure to stay on top of this by grooming them daily. I’m thinking of getting a robot vacuum to also assist me in staying on top of doggy hair. We’ll see.

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All the best with your new addition! Cheers!!!

Jennifer Bliss

I look a few months off of blogging but am back and trying to catch up! Looks like I missed a lot!