What’s for Breakfast? Sauteed purple cabbage, red potatoes and purple onions

What’s our first meal of the day? A slight (ok… huge) twist on the planned hash browns. I wasn’t thinking about deviating from that… but as happens when I’m creating in the kitchen, what I had intended to make became something else.

I remembered that I still had purple cabbage and so I decided to let that be the main ingredient and the red potatoes took a back seat.

The purple cabbage added sweetness to the dish. I’d added a small amount of oil (perhaps a tablespoon) to the skillet, added my freshly ground spices/herbs before adding the vegetables. In doing this, the flavor from the spices/herbs is infused into the oil. It sure makes the house smell amazing.


Snack Bowl

This snack bowl has raisins, cashews, and walnuts. The foods that we eat are whole foods (food in its natural state) which is something the body needs/craves. Proper nutrition enhances our health and can help prevent a variety of health-related diseases.

This is how we eat all the time, so it’s nothing new. We eat most of our meals at home. Yes, even with my hectic schedule. It’s much more nutritious and naturally, I save much more money by not buying processed foods, purchasing takeout or eating at a restaurant. Don’t have the time to cook? My meals are usually ready in ten minutes, with a few it’s thirty minutes. Still shorter than going out to eat, and again, that’s more money for me that I can save/invest. We make time for what’s important.


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Jennifer Bliss

Hummmmm…I thought I already commented on this one…so sorry!

That purple cabbage looks AMAZING!

I was reading an article a few weeks ago about purple foods, specifically! I know green foods are awesome but I really need to get into purple foods more. Of course, ‘eating the rainbow’ is best and getting a diverse amount of foods is ideal…but there are things I always want to improve on, ya know!?
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