When it rains, it pours; Weak or no signal

It would appear that our household is on a roll with the technology glitches. Not only am I having issues with Windows 7 64 bit OS, but I’m having Direct TV issues also.

A few days ago, the flatscreen television in our family room, I’m not sure how big it is, I know it’s over 60″,brought up this lovely error message,

Weak or no signal

My first reaction was it has to be the HD Direct TV box. However, being the dutiful customer that I am, I called Direct TV and told them about the problem. Naturally they ran me throug list of tests of things that I’d already done (thanks to my online search). When those didn’t work, hey also suggested a new HDMI cable. While they would have supplied me one for free, I decided to stop by the store (after dropping off my daughter at school this morning) and purchase an additional cable. I connected it, and really wasn’t surprised that our Direct TV is still not working. I’m telling you, it’s the HD Direct TV box!

The customer service rep was polite, and now I’ll have a technician will be visiting our household next Friday to fix this issue. I’m not upset that I’m without Direct TV, I can go days, weeks, and in some cases months without watching television… and if I really feel the urge to watch something (I’m sure I won’t) there’s always the television in the basement. I take that back, last week my daughter and I did watch some nature shows. Those were quite fascinating. But as for regular shows, I rarely watch them. I find most of thee shows I’ve seen aren’t good, and in some cases a bit trashy. Which makes me wonder… when did I turn into my mom! 😉

Things are starting to slow down, so perhaps I’ll have a chance to post some crafts; crochet, knit, paper, etc, that my daughter and I’ve made over the past week.

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