When you’ve got that glow…

Not too long ago, I ran into an acquaintance when I was at the gym exercising. It had been a few years since I’d seen him, so we chatted for a little while. I must say, it was nice to catch up with him. What was interesting was, that he kept complimenting me on my skin. He said it glowed.


He asked me what I was doing, I told him I kicked my chronic constipation to the curb. No, I didn’t gross him out, that’s one thing he always liked about me, I’ve always been direct when it comes to health. Also, I told him I was on a juice cleanse, and was flooding my body with juice derived from mainly dark leafy greens. If that wasn’t enough, I told him I stepped up my skin care routine. Which made perfect sense, since since my digestive system was finally a thing of the past.

You know… I thought I’d seen changes to my skin, but thought it might have just been me. My daughter commented that she saw changes too, but it was nice to get feedback from someone I don’t see too often. While there aren’t major problems with my skin, I do miss the glow that I was associated with my skin before I had digestive issues. Interestingly enough, throughout my constipation issues my skin stayed extremely soft. That’s a compliment that I never stopped receiving. I know a few people were surprised that it would be so soft, since I’m muscular and in very good shape. Perhaps genetics play a role (my mom has super soft skin too) but additionally I’ve always kept my skin well nourished, hydrated and moisturized.

The thing is… you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve amazing results in fact all of my skin care products are created by myself. I sell them and use them on myself and my daughter. Some of the items, like my homemade vitamin C serum are great at tightening pores, eliminating fine lines and a whole host of other benefits.  I also use other things like avocado, bananas, mangoes, etc., and use them on my skin too.


Anyway, the acquaintance constant compliments of my “glow” made me think of the above song, The Glow. I heard it first from the movie, The Last Dragon. I loved that movie!

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That’s wonderful – you seeing an old friend and him noticing the glow among other things! YAY! That’s awesome!
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