Family: Where has the time gone?

Saddle shoesYesterday, when at the mall with my daughter, I learned how much my daughter has grown. She’s now wearing an adult size 7.5 shoe. I discovered this when we were purchasing new saddle shoes for school. It’s part of their uniform. She got her foot properly measured, and the nice lady informed me that my daughter is wearing an adult size, 7.5.  Two days ago, her shoe size was 5.5. Yes, my jaw dropped a few notches but I’m not surprised this girl has been going through a massive growth spurt.

I stopped being surprised at the amazing leaps that children can make in sizes. My daughter, at times, bypasses shoe and sometimes clothing sizes. Thin as a rail and so tall. Earlier today, I chatted with a former high school friend that told me her son’s shoe size leaped almost four sizes within a day! She relayed the humorous story on how he had to use his current shoes as slippers while they went to the store and purchased shoes that fit his feet. Naturally, I believed the story since this has happened to my daughter. Yep, I’ve seen the amazing leaps my daughter has made in shoe size and clothing (in literally a few days) so I don’t doubt her in the slightest.

Did I mention that my daughter is almost my height? I have her beat by a mere 3″,  however I told her even when she is taller than me I will always be her mom. 😉 That’s not saying much since I’m only 5′, but my goodness, at times, it seems like just the other day when I was bringing her home from the Birthing Center.

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Yes, young people these days have such big feet. Cinderellas, they’re not. Maybe it is because parents keep buying new shoes for them (and shoes these days spoil very fast too) unlike my time when we would use the same pair till they got spoilt real bad, never mind that they had grown too small – that probably worked on the feet and kept them small like foot binding in ancient China. LOL!!!
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I hear ya! I’m JUST 5’2″…kids tower over me most of the time!

I only wear about a size 6.5 at the most – usually a 6.
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I would have NEVER guessed that you wear an 8!!!!

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