Where has the time gone?

Today was my daughter’s birthday. I could not ask for a better daughter. She’s so kind, thoughtful, and treats others how she wants to be treated. It’s something that I try to do also.

My brother and nephew stopped by last evening, and we celebrated her birthday a day early since they were leaving early this morning. We kept it simple, just how she wanted. There was plenty of laughter last evening, and that’s how my mom would have wanted us to be, sharing beautiful memories of the times past; we celebrated another year of life for my lovely daughter. I pray that she continues to grow and be the same thoughtful and kind daughter that I raised.

Although it’s late (10:40 pm), I plan to stay up with my daughter for a while and perhaps play a video game with her. Tomorrow, I plan to make homemade noodles for her and her favorite chicken soup.

Happy Birthday sweet girl; I love you always.


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Jennifer Bliss

Happy Belated Birthday to her!