Where have the printers gone?

I’ve been researching a few printers the past week, one for my daughter’s designs and the other for myself. I settled on the printers that I wanted for us both; however, I was having difficulty finding them in the local stores. Searching online for those specific printers yielded the same results. They were out of stock. Additionally, I discovered that some people are capitalizing on this and offering the same printers at much higher prices. No thanks. I’ll wait. Last Thursday, I was able to find the printer I’d chosen for my daughter in stock at a store about an hour away from where we live.

Canon – PIXMA PRO-200 Wireless Inkjet Printer

I put the Canon – PIXMA PRO-200 Wireless Inkjet Printer in my shopping cart, intending to purchase it; however, with the assistance I’ve been giving to my mother to help her care for my father. Unfortunately, I forgot about buying that printer until Friday when it was gone since that was the only printer available at that location. So I had to begin my search anew. Finally, I found one in another state, Pennsylvania, about an hour away. An impromptu road trip meant that my daughter now had the Canon PIXMA Pro that she did not know she needed until she started using it with her designs. She’s thrilled with the purchase and is happy that she no longer has to have print-outs of her digital art mailed to her since she can now control that process. My daughter started using her printer almost immediately after returning home on Friday. I must say that I’m highly impressed with the quality of The Canon’s photos produced, and so she was also.

Canon PIXMA 8620

I still was having a challenge finding a printer that I would use with my die-cutting machine. Finally, after a bit of searching for stocked stores,  Friday evening, I was able to snag the Canon PIXMA 8620 at a Target store that was about 15 minutes away from our home, and although I turned on my new printer, connected it wirelessly to my network, calibrated, and viewed the test page print-out. I have not done anything else with my printer. I have not created anything with my Cricut since I made that purchase. Perhaps I’ll have a chance tomorrow.

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Seems there is a problem with the production and the delivery as a result of the pandemic. We also have a problem with computers, printers, computer parts, even printers’ ink here!!!

I couldn’t get the ink for my daughter’s printer here – had to order online. Had a problem with one seller, the second one – the ink never arrived but I tried again with another seller and it was successful. The first seller I ordered from was all right too.


[…] gave her the stickers that I created. I’m still impressed with my purchase of the Canon Pixma 8620. The photo quality is terrific. I’ll be curious to see how long the ink cartridges last. I […]