Wok full of vegetable fried rice…

Lately, I’ve been making a lot of fried rice dishes. Vegan and nonvegan have been made in our house several times within the last week or so…

Veggie Fried Rice.11.24.13

I’m not sure why the frequency has increased, but the meals have been amazingly fragrant and the food hasn’t lasted long. I made this a few weeks ago and as before my daughter requested this in her Zojirushi lunch jar. She loves it and takes it to school daily and brings home an empty lunch jar daily. Best $60+ I’ve ever spent on a lunch box, and well worth the cost since she has not wanted her usual Wednesday pizza that’s served at school. Her Zojirushi lunch jar has already paid for itself, and she loves that she gets to eat hot meals for her school lunch.  There’s no reason to busy special food that won’t spoil while cold to put into her lunches since her food stays hot for several hours in her insulated lunch jar.

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