Zojirushi lunch jar: First school lunch – food stays hot!

My daughter’s first hot lunch in her Zojirushi SL-XCE20HG Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tiffin Box was a success!  Her fifth grade class eats lunch about 4.5 hours after school has started. She told me the food was hot, not warm but hot! She said it was like it had just come off our stove. The girl was all smiles when she told me this.

My daughter will be posting her review soon (most likely over the weekend.) She loves to write!

Zojirushi lunch jar.food_2

What did I pack into the Zojirushi lunch jar?

Leftovers from dinner of course. In one of her soup bowl containers, she had black beans with rice and vegetables. The other container I added three (homemade) large chicken strips. I made them from boneless chicken breasts. I tucked in a small stainless steel bowl filled with homemade barbecue sauce for dipping her chicken strips. I would have made her another type, but the girl loves barbecue sauce. In the bread container I slipped in some grapes. Once I packed her utensils  and a bottled water, she was armed with a healthy lunch.


My Experiment

In the third soup bowl container I added (cold) soft homemade chocolate chip cookies, put that container on top of the chicken breast container and added the insulator on top of the cookie container. Guess what? She said the cookies were warm by the time she ate lunch! She said they tasted like they’d been out of the oven cooling for a bit.


Loving the Zojirushi Lunch Jar

I’m so glad I choose this particular Zojirushi lunch jar! The three included soup bowls are spill proof so there were no spills, yeah!

I guess you could say the proof lies in what she brought home from school. The containers were empty! Often times, when I’d pack her homemade cold lunches something would be left in her bag, sometimes everything was left. This girl prefers hot lunches. I still have a huge smile on my face and am thrilled that she can now have hot meals from home. My options aren’t as limited now since I now can send her to school with hot lunches.

Sending her to school daily with homemade hot lunches is much more delicious (and healthier) than anything she could purchase in the cafeteria. Even better, is that she does not have to rely on eating homemade lukewarm food when she’s away from home.


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Wow!!!! Imagine having leftovers from lunch for dinner…no need to heat it up at all, still piping hot. So very nice.
suituapui recently posted..With these hands…


That’s awesome that it worked so well yay. Can’t wait to read her review too. the inside of the tops look like the lids for my ninja bowls
Jennifer recently posted..Blissful Crafting Journey ~ Crafty Tags Using Distress Stains


I’m impressed that they kept everything warm until lunch time. That’s awesome!
Erika recently posted..Halloween Honey Cookies


[…] the cost since she has not wanted her usual Wednesday pizza that’s served at school. Her Zojirushi lunch jar has already paid for itself, and she loves that she gets to eat hot meals for her school lunch.  […]