Zojirushi Lunch jar: What’s for lunch?

I’ve received a few emails from people wondering what I’ve been packing in my daughters lunch.  So, I decided to put my scheduled post (for today) on hold and share what I packed in her Zojirushi lunch jar this morning.

Zijurushi lunch.2.6.14
Healthy lunch meal with salad, bean burritos, chicken and snacks. The great thing about the Zojirushi lunch jar is it keeps the food hot without heating. There’s a insulator/divider that separates the hot and cold food.

The above photo shows everything!  All of the insulated jars are neatly lined up ready to be stacked in the tiffin container. In the far right corner you’ll see the burrito that I cut up into small bite sized pieces. My daughter loves burritos and so do I. I  made these Burritos a few weeks ago. I made a large batch and froze the majority. These are black bean burritos, with some vegetables and quinoa added. The spices and herbs added enhanced the flavor of the beans and veggies and made a tasteful meal. I make a similar bean dish for my black bean stir fry.

Zijurushi lunch_Chicken breast and carrots.2.6.14
Chicken breast and carrots, simple meal but my daughter loves this so much.

The above dish is the chicken dish I made for my daughter on her return to solid foods earlier this week. Baby carrots were included, ginger, onion, garlic and some freshly ground herbs and spices. The chicken breasts were prepared in my pressure cooker.

Zijurushi lunch_snacks.2.6.14
I use silicone cupcake liners to separate my daughters snacks that are in the same container.

Here’s an up close picture of her snacks. I use silicone cupcake liners to separate everything within this container. In the pink liner she has cashews and raisins. The orange liner contains two cookies, and the lime liner contains banana slices.

Zijurushi lunch_Salad container.2.6.14
Cute container used to hold the homemade Ginger honey salad dressing that I made for my daughter’s lunch

The above container is what I recently ordered to hold my daughters condiments. I must say that I really enjoy these containers (two were in the package.) Today, this sweet container was used to store my daughters salad dressing. Isn’t it adorable?  The salad dressing is a homemade Ginger honey salad dressing that I prepared this morning.


Tools Used

  1. Zojirushi SL-XCE20HG Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tiffin Box
  2. Baking Buddies Reusable Silicone Baking Cups
  3. Japanese Kitchen Bento Ketchup Mayo Dressing Bottles


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Love all those, don’t think we have such nice stuff here. Saw/bought some when I was in NZ – not cheap…or at least, not for us but they were so nice, just could not resist.:(
suituapui recently posted..It’s too late…


Nice lunch! I know you focus on diverse foods and great variety and it shows here!
Jennifer recently posted..Cards, Wine Making, & Vegan Wildtree Recipes