Zojirushi stainless lunch jar; Veggies, rice and meatballs

As you can see… discovering, the hot lunch jars has definitely expanded the types of homemade foods that I can add to my 10yo daughters lunches. As I already mentioned, the lunches I prepared before were homemade, but I was limited since she wasn’t using an insulated lunch box.

This week my daughter had a variety of hot meals in her lunch such as; egg rolls, vegetable fried rice, chicken breasts, pasta, black beans and rice and a few other hot lunches also. I’ve included some photos below.

Zojirushi hot lunch jar meatballs n rice_1.11.17.13
Zojirushi hot lunch jar meatballs and brown rice

Earlier this week I made meatballs, brown rice and vegetables to put into my daughters Zojirushi stainless lunch jar.

Zojirushi hot lunch jar - cheesy broccoli
Pressure cooked broccoli and cauliflower with shredded cheese.


Towards the end of last week, I picked up some Japanese ‘bento decorations’ and have been having fun adding cute little touches to my daughters hot lunches. I definitely won’t be spending a lot of time in food the design department, but I don’t mind adding a few moments to dress up my daughter’s lunch a bit. I’m sure my skills will improve the more I play around with the cute little bento tools.

Zojirushi hot lunch jar meatballs n rice_3.11.17.13

A close picture of the meatballs swimming in a fragrant mushroom sauce. I added a few cute animal tooth picks to dress up the dish. Aren’t they adorable? It sort of looks like they are resting on mounds of earth.  My daughter loved seeing these decorations in her Zojirushi lunch jar.

Bento - food cutters
Grapes and carrots… I used cookie cutters to make animal shapes with the carrots.


Yesterday (Thursday) marked a week that my daughter has been using the zojirushi insulated lunch jar, and each day she’s brought home an empty lunch. It only takes about ten minutes to pack leftover foods into her lunch in the morning. The rewards are having my daughter bring an empty lunch box home.

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Hah!!! My daughter loves the cute touches, cartoons and the like…even at her age and seeing her delight sure makes the little extra effort worthwhile.
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Yup totally love the little animals very cute indeed
Jennifer recently posted..No Bees, No Almonds – No Bees, No Pumpkin Pie!


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