Bibimbap soup

Posted by on February 23, 2016 at 10:14 pm.

This past Saturday, I received this lovely clay pot.

Clay pot


I ordered it from Amazon and I must say that I’m extremely pleased with this cookware. It’s beautiful and functional! Sold! The wording is deceptive since this is NOT a stone pot. It’s made out of clay, which is exactly what I wanted. I really had no desire to cure an actual stone pot. My mortar and pestle is made out of granite, so I know all about curing. But back to this lovely clay pot… my only regret, is that it’s not larger. It holds five cups. I ordered it this past Friday and it arrived the next day, one day earlier!

Of course I had to make a dish the very same day and so I made a delightful Bibimbap soup for my daughter and boyfriend. It was a Vegan Bibimbap soup and it was spicy since I ground up fresh jalapeno pepper! My daughter ate a tiny amount, but that was it since it was too spicy for her; however my boyfriend ate two bowls.

Bibimbap Soup.2.23.16

Bibimbap soup

This evening I made the above soup for my daughter. I did not add hot pepper, and so my daughter happily ate her bowl of soup. She said it was amazing!


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