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Posted by on October 28, 2015 at 8:14 pm.

I keep dairies, although the past few years I’ll admit that most of my personal notes have been digital. Some that is seen; however, there are entries that are only accessible by me. The past few years, I’ve actually thought about purchasing a Bible where it’s easy for me to take notes. I must admit, that’s a foreign concept for me, since I don’t write in any of my books; however, during my daily Bible reading I’m often inspired or want to highlight passages that really resoundĀ  with me and since I don’t take notes in my Bible, I find myself writing my thoughts down somewhere else.

It wasn’t until I discovered Sandy Allnock’sĀ  videos that I realized that Bible journaling was something that people actually did. How awesome is that? Last evening I started researching websites and the video I included below, is the first video that I watched about Bible journaling.

I’m still getting over my reluctance of writing within my Bible. I use the New American Standard John Mac Arthur study Bible. As a child, I was raised with the King James Bible (home and church). I also have the New International version. That’s what they use at my daughter’s Lutheran school. My biggest concern is bleed-through from my Copics markers; however, Valerie Sjodin, mentioned (a little after the 7:00 mark) that she uses acrylic glazing liquid to help prevent this! The accompanying post, for this Bible journaling video is located here. Awesome, I’ll definitely purchase some of that. I’m still researching journaling Bibles; however, when I make my choice, I will be purchasing two. One for myself and the other for my twelve year old daughter. She’s a talented artist and is constantly drawing. She also reads her Bible daily and some of her drawings are inspired by her scripture readings. You can see more of Valerie Sjodin’s work by visiting her website.


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