Honor Roll breakfast

Posted by on January 27, 2013 at 7:27 am.

Honor RollFriday, I received a certificate informing me that my nine year old daughter had made Honor roll for the second quarter.

She’s in fourth grade. The top grade point average is a 4.0. She currently has a 3.7 GPA (grade point average) so she’s maintaining an A average.

Based on her grades, I already knew she had made the honor roll. I see her tests and help her with homework when she struggles, I always encourage her to strive to do her best. I know her capabilities and encourage her to do better when I know she’s not using all her abilities. She made honor roll in the first quarter also. I review my daughter’s work nightly, occasionally I’ll tell her to look at her work again since I’ll see some errors but I never do her work for her since as I told her if I do your work that’s not helping you out at all. But helping my daughter with concepts that she might have problems understanding, that I will do.

Also on Friday, I received a letter from my daughter’s Lutheran school informing me about an ‘Honor Roll breakfast’. This breakfast is specifically for those children who’ve made honor roll and as a parent I received an invite also. I must say that I look forward to going to school to hang out with my daughter, teachers, her classmates other and parents. She has some amazing teachers and I thank them often for the great job they do with our children.

I firmly believe that our achievements are something that should be recognized. For myself, seeing other do well in areas I might experience struggles has always encouraged me to do better. Yes, even at an early age seeing others accomplishments was enough of an incentive for me strive to make improvements.




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