Knit your own QR code

Posted by on August 24, 2012 at 7:36 pm.

Ok… how cool is this?

Make your own QR code


I made the above PR code…

Of course I saw this on Ravelry, the original poster posted about it, and also displayed a knitted QR code!

When you print it out it’s like a chart. Make each block a four stitches (2 high 2 wide) and you are set. I was amazed when it actually worked. Had to share it with my Raverly community.

Thanks for the knitted QR tip Lisa! Naturally I find this appealing, and am thinking of ways to add it to a few of my knitting (and other crafts too). Oh by the way, you can make your own free QR code at Kaywa QR Code. It’ll be cool to see what some crafty folks make, so I’m off to check out the Ravelry thread.

In other news…

Soccer season has started for my daughter. They’ve had several practices, and her team has their first game tomorrow. It’s about to get busier around these parts…


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