Knitting Adventures: Wisps of Smoke Ring; lace

Posted by on August 5, 2013 at 6:53 am.

This weekend Qianer, co-owner of Hiya Hiya needles, shared a lovely cowl on her Facebook page.

Just to clarify, it’s not one of her designs… besides making those awesome Hiya Hiya needles she’s also an amazing knitting designer! But, her “FaceBook Share” clued me into another amazing fiber artist. That share, came at the right time, since I’d been looking for knitted cowl pattern.

Knitting Wisps of Smoke Ring by Jackie Schweitzer

Wisps of Smoke Ring by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer

Although I came across numerous designs, thanks to the amazing Ravelry site, I didn’t find any that I wanted to make, until I saw the Wisps of Smoke Ring by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. The pattern costs $6.50. I ran into an issue trying to download it via Ravelry, but I left a message on Jackie’s page, and she quickly fixed that issue. With customer service like she offered, I’ll be sure to purchase more of her designs in the future.

Oh by the way, Jackie has a few websites; Heartstrings Fiber Arts is where her knitted designs are featured. You can also find her writing at Knit Heart Strings where it appears she occasionally has giveaways. Taking Time to Smell the Roses is her personal website, although she doesn’t write as much there, I’ve found some great entries such as this fascinating post on grinding your own corn.

Last evening, I finally got around to printing out the pattern casting on with my size 7″ Hiya Hiya Steel Steel Sharp circular knitting needles. The good news, is the pattern is easy to read. If you know how to knit (k), pearl (p), pearl two together (p2tog) , and yarn over (yo), you too can make this pattern! Since I only had a little bit of time, so I only managed to complete three rows, but I’m looking forward to knitting this lovely cowl. The good news is, that I already know who’ll be receiving this item. I’ll try to post pictures sometime soon.

I’m pleased to say that the majority of my handcrafted items for upcoming holidays; birthdays and Christmas, are completed for the year. I definitely don’t make items for everyone, but there are a few special people in my life that truly appreciate the quality of hand-crafted items.


Photo Source: Ravelry; Wisps of Smoke Ring


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