Soccer — keep moving

Posted by on August 26, 2012 at 7:58 pm.

Yesterday was my daughter’s first soccer game.

She was a bit nervous, as were many on her team. Her team didn’t win, but they didn’t give up either. I told her that’s all that matters. I went on to say that after a while of playing together, her team will improve, and they won’t be as nervous.

The team they played against plays throughout the year, and it showed with how they played. Our girls are only together for the soccer season but as they practice together they’ll improve. I see this happen every soccer season, first games they’re getting into the groove. Last year they did extremely well, and went all the way to the championship matches.

Yesterday, I was planning on bringing some knitting to the game, but decided to wait. However, I’ll have my knitting with me next Saturday, after all I don’t need to look at simple knitting patterns to knit.

I love sports. I don’t like sitting on the sidelines, so you won’t see me watching it on television or attending a sports event — unless it’s my daughter playing. I played sports throughout school. I would say I was an aggressive player, and extremely competitive. I was also a team player. My daughter is a lot more laid back than myself, and I’m fine with that. I let her go at her own speed. She’s asked me to help her… and I will. A few years ago, we enclosed an area in fence, and it’s her ‘soccer field‘. I’m looking forward to attending her soccer games, cheering and knitting, and occasionally nudging her along, when I think she needs inspiration.



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