Too much hair: Dreadlock tubes

Posted by on August 14, 2014 at 10:04 am.

I’m currently knitting my third dreadlock tube that I can use for my super long dreadlocks. My hair is almost to my butt, that can put a lot of stress on my hair root. Since I don’t want to cut my locs, I decided to wear them in styles that help alleviate the stress. Occasionally I wear my locs down, but these days, I find myself pulling it up a lot more.
Dreadlock tube
I like knitting dreadlock tubes. I find them to be stylish, stretchy and allow my hair to breathe.

The current tube I’m knitting is actually going to take  me a bit longer than I’d originally planned. I’ve decided to make it super long, sort of like the dreadlock tube you see in the above picture. I’m hoping to the current dreadlock tube this weekend. After work, we’re going to the pool. While she’s swimming, I’ll sit poolside, and knit.

Photosource: Stripey Dreadlock Tube Hat


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