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Posted by on December 9, 2012 at 7:10 pm.

During  Cyber Monday (at Knit Picks) I ordered a large quantity of yarn. Prices on select items were marked off 40%, and I took advantage of some amazing deals…

Of course, other fiber lovers did also, and so many of the items I’d ordered weren’t available. Even though it appeared that they were available once I submitted my order. To make up for this, Knit Picks sent me a coupon for $10, there was no minimum to the amount I had to purchase, but I did have to make my order by Dec. 24. And while I was pleased when I received the email, I didn’t act upon it until today.

Towards the end of December I’m planning on making the Chevron Scarf by Joelle Hoverson. The pattern can be found in  the book, Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Since I didn’t have yarn I’d want to use for this project, I took advantage of the $10 off coupon and ordered the following yarns…

Knit Picks: Stroll Hand Painted Yarn; Juice Box


Knit Picks: Stroll Hand Painted Yarn; Juice Box is bright, and actually features colors that I wear so well.

Knit Picks: Stroll multi sock yarn; sunset multi


And I also choose Stroll multi sock yarn; sunset multi.  Both yarns are 75% wool, and 25% nylon. Since the wool is superwash it can be tossed into the washer/dryer.

I think these choices will work well together, and more importantly the scarf will be a nice addition to my colorful wardrobe… hopefully my skin will be happy with the yarn choices also. If my skin starts itching when the lovely scarf comes in contact with my neck, I’ll just have to put it into my gifting stash. Sighs… Well, at least I’ll get a jump start to gifting for 2013, right.

In all seriousness, I’ve already started making presents for Christmas 2013. At this rate, I’ll be finished making all my hand crafted Christmas items before spring 2013. Perfect for someone like myself, I dislike rushing at the last minute. This year, all my hand crafted items were finished in October, and while I’ve made additional items since that time… those have been extras. 😉


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