Microsoft 7; slow internet connection and download speeds

The past few weeks I’ve been reacquainting myself with Windows 7 operating system.

The version we have is the Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit operating system. We’ve had this desktop computer for about a year… but it’s not my go to computer. That would be my 17″ MacBook Pro.

So much has changed since I received my MCSE, A+, and N+ certifications several years ago. I won a free N+ book — I figured I might as well study and take the cert.  All the certifications, I did for personal enrichment.

Anyway what caused the increased attention with this desktop computer is the sudden change in the computers internet and download speeds (down to about 26kbps), it’s moving at a snails pace. Yeah… definitely not fun for someone who’s used to screaming fast speeds. At least I’m not alone, from my online research it seems that some other Windows 7 users have experienced a sudden drop in their speeds also. I tried a lot of the suggestions but they didn’t work. I even tried reinstalling… nope that didn’t work either. Connecting the modem directly to the computer saw a jump in speeds, so I do think it might be the router.

The upside of this is I’ve ordered a few Windows 7 books… who knows I might update my Windows certifications. 😉