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Posted by on March 22, 2013 at 10:13 pm.


Not too much is left to do with the Passion Play costumes

Let’s see, I still need to understitch the neck edge on the angel costume, blind stitch hems (resurrection and angel costume) and one last toss into the washer and dryer. Of course, they’ll need to be ironed and pressed once more before they’re whisked off to my Lutheran church for the people who’ll be wearing them.

Sewing: Angel costume

Sewing: Angel costume

The director wanted “shiny fabric” for both costumes and seemed to be gravitating towards satin. Satin has been around for centuries, I don’t think it existed in the first century, which is when Christ was on earth. However, even though I’d have preferred to use linen, I honored his request and I still had fun with this project.

Next up on my list are sewing a few pretty outfits for my daughter and I’m planning on designing a few outfits for myself to.  I really love how my sewing machine (Brother PC420) and my serger/overlock (Brother 1034D) did with these projects.


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