Another Dreadlock Tube…

Posted by on August 4, 2014 at 7:02 am.

I didn’t get to weave anything this weekend, but I did work on another dreadlock tube! It’s not as colorful as the first dreadlock tube that I made but that’s perfectly fine since this will go perfectly with some of my muted clothing.

Knitted Dreadlock Tube 08.04.14

About a month ago, I started on this simple moss stitch dreadlock tube. It’s been busy so there have been many days where I did not lift my Hiya Hiya needles to do a single stitch; however, this past weekend I decided it was high time that I completed the tube. In fact, I was knitting this poolside, while my daughter was swimming on Saturday.

I most likely will wear it to work today. Later, I’ll post a picture of the outfit that I’ll be wearing.

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