Bonding time: Last day before school

Well today is the last day of my daughter’s summer vacation. I’ll definitely miss just picking up and doing whatever we wanted after work was finished. Now that she’s back in school, she’ll be on a schedule. With her, she’s still learning on her summer breaks, since I give her interesting projects to do while she’s away from school. And while she views the projects as ‘fun and exciting’ they are also educational also.  Currently her favorite subjects are Writing, Science and Math. Although she does well in all subjects, made honor roll each quarter, the subjects I mentioned are the ones she likes the most.


Today, we did what she wanted to do…

So we played with all the furbabies and then we played with her Monster High dolls…

Of course this meant making homemade vegetarian pizza, complete with a freshly made pizza crust. The tomatoes came from our garden and I made sure I added ‘extra cheese’ just the way she likes her pizzas to be. We both took lots of pictures of the pizza making process, so we’ll be sure to upload and post pictures soon.

Then we got on Skype and chatted with her cousin (my nephew.) Since it was pretty much their conversation with me chiming in when ‘mom’ or ‘aunty Opal’ was called, I responded to email, tossed a few tidbits up on Facebook, and played a bit of World of Warcraft. 😉

All too soon her day had ended and after the daily Bible reading, I found myself reading several pages from R.L. Stine’s Goosebump series.

We had a great time making food and just hanging out together and now the day is over.



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