Fried rice with broccoli

Posted by on November 23, 2013 at 2:00 am.

One morning this week, I made fried rice with broccoli. The day before, I’d told my daughter that I’d make her vegetable fried rice in her zojirushi lunch jar, and that morning I realized all the fried rice was gone. Whoops!

Vegan.Broccoli and carrots.11.18.13

Fortunately, this dish didn’t take too long to make. I had a steady supply of vegetables in the fridge and so I pulled out my trusty hand hammered steel wok and started cooking. I didn’t have to worry about preparing the brown rice, since I’d pressure cooked some a few days before.

I really loved the above photo, it was so colorful and I was tempted to just leave it as it was, with only a light saute, but since I promised my daughter ‘vegetable fried rice.’

Vegan.Veggie stir fry.11.18.13

I added the most important ingredient… rice and a few other things were added, such as the freshly ground herbs/spices you see in the above photo. I’d just tossed them in the wok.


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