Glass pitchers with tops

Posted by on April 26, 2013 at 1:20 pm.

Most of the time I use stainless steel pitchers for the smoothies and juices I make…

But sometimes I find that (depending on what I toss into my juices/smoothies) that some of the ingredients can react with the metal. While I much prefer my stainless steel pitchers (I love the way stainless steel looks!) If I’m concerned about metal reaction I usually reach for one of my glass pitcher. The thing is, unlike my stainless steel pitchers none of my glass pitchers have tops. If I need a pitcher with a top,  I’ll pull out my lonely  plastic pitcher.

Yesterday is an excellent example… You remember that Mango green smoothie that I made? That was put into my plastic pitcher because it had a top, but I wasn’t thrilled about doing that. However since  I don’t like leaving my juices or smoothies ‘topless’ in the refrigerator into the plastic pitcher it went!

I’ve never been fond of plastic storage containers. I like the heaviness of metal/glass. Which is why you’ll find that all my food storage containers are made of glass. Initially I was concerned about breakage, but I’ve had my containers for over nine years and they haven’t broken yet.


Glass pitcher with lid

Well guess what? I finally found a heavy duty glass pitchers (with tops) that I like! I should be receiving them sometime next week!


Glass pitchers with topsI’ll recycle my plastic pitcher by cutting a bit off the top and turning it into a storage container for some of my daughter’s crafts.


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