Hiya Hiya now makes interchangeable cables with lifelines!

Posted by on October 12, 2013 at 10:42 pm.

A few days ago, I was on Ravelry, and learned that Hiya Hiya is now making cables with lifelines!

I sure do enjoy having a lifeline with my interchangeable cables. Interchangeable cables that include lifelines the only thing I miss about my Knit Picks Options. I haven’t touched my Knit Picks needles since purchasing my Hiya Hiya’s. That should tell you how much I love my Hiya Hiya’s!  Of course, I’m thrilled that Hiya Hiya has listened to its customers and will be offering these cables for those who want them.

These were only available with the Hiya Hiya Ultimate Knitting Gift set. Since these were recently released…

Include HiyaHiya’s new lifeline cables (currently only available in these sets) in each size, NEW interchangeable straights, a pair of cable connectors and needle gauges and Yarn Ball Stitch markers in an Interchangeable case (small/medium) or circular needle case (large)

I thought I might have to wait before I was able to by the interchangeable cable separately.
I left a comment for Qianer, on Facebook, and she responded with this message…

Qianer Huang

Hello, Opal, www.HiyaHiya-UK.com and www.HiyaHiyaNorthAmerica.com began to distribute HiyaHiya lifeline cables. Depend on where you are living, please check the websites! HiyaHiya UK hiyahiya-uk.com Quality Needles – Affordable Price

Qianer Huang, one of the Hiya Hiya owners/knitting designer, mentioned on Facebook that they were available, but currently I’m not seeing the new Hiya Hiya cables with lifelines. Hopefully, they’ll be available soon so I could purchase a few.

Knitting & cooking update

I haven’t made too much progress on the knitted autumn ribbed hat. Perhaps I added about an inch since I posted the picture? The reason is simple, I’ve been doing other things besides knitting. Today was a lazy day spent with my daughter, playing games, having tea parties with her dolls and planning outfits to sew tomorrow… after church!

This afternoon, my daughter requested another chowder.  Because of the freshness of the ingredients, this chowder was exceptionally good. Most of the ingredients came from our garden.  This time I did manage to freeze a large portion of the chowder (about eight cups.) That will be served on a day when I don’t feel like preparing a meal. That’s rare, but it can happen!


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