I don’t wanna be buried in a pet sematary

I believe this would have been appropriate for my Halloween post.


Pet Sematary was probably the fourth or fifth book I read by Stephen King. Yes, the name is spelled incorrectly. The sign was made by children.  I was either thirteen (or going on thirteen) when this book was published. By that time I was already a die hard Stephen King junkie consuming anything that was released by him.  I loved the story line for this book and often wondered if it would be released into a movie.

Well it was… Of course, I watched Pet Sematary shortly after it was released in the movie theater. Thanks to the movie, I was introduced to an awesome band.


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I know of the movie but I did not go and watch it. I think they even showed it on tv here…but no, thank you. Shudders!!!! LOL!!!
suituapui recently posted..Elsewhere…


That’s a nice blast from the past sort of song! And MOVIE! Thanks for the memories! I will be posting about my Halloween Costume later today…yes…I’m very behind on my posts! LOL
Jennifer recently posted..The Chi & Me