Knitting: Ann Yamamoto has free shawl designs available on Ravelry

Posted by on December 31, 2013 at 7:13 am.

Aren’t these shawls lovely?

Knitting_Anna Yamamoto_shawl design_ Green the whole year round

Anna Yamamoto: shawl design; Green the whole year round

Knitting_Anna Yamamoto_shawl design_Longsuffering

Anna Yamamoto: shawl design; Longsuffering

Knitting_Anna Yamamoto_Seashells

Anna Yamamoto: shawl design; Seashells on the Sand


Anna Yamamoto: shawl design; Bonsai


My favorite is Bonsai! Oh by the way, clicking on each picture will take you directly to the page where you can download the pattern.

This past weekend, Curls & Q’s clued her readers into these delightful knitting patterns. Do you want to know something? They’re free. Q is  quite the enabler! I’ve purchased plenty of crochet and knitting patterns via the Ravelry site and I’ve picked up a few free patterns also. Naturally, I’ve already snapped up these patterns and stored them in my library on Ravelry. I’m looking forward to seeing more designs (priced or free) by Anna Yamamoto the knitting designer who created these fabulous pieces.

I’m nudging the super talented Nicky, so she can take advantage of these lovely designs also.


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